Intelligent Design


Flash Games

  • Marble Madness. It's madness! Marble Madness. Maneuver your marble through the maze, but lookout for the holes.
  • Diver Down. Navigate your diver through the waters and collect gold coins. But watch out for what lurks in the water!
  • Rick Rude Racing. Strap in with Rick Rude and go racing away


Website Design

Are you looking to start a website or need some updates on an existing one? Brad is the answer. Webpages will be created to be viewed in major browsers. All sites are custom and will be designed according to your needs.

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Graphic Design

Whether you need publications, magazines, brochures, posters, or even smaller orders like business cards, letterhead, and invitations. Brad Everett puts his expertise behind every project he does. You can be confident that with his creativity, knowledge, and expertise that your project will look great.

As a designer Brad Everett has experience on both the Mac and PC platform using all the major design software including the Adobe Creative Suite, Quark, Pitstop, Quite Imposing, Pagemaker, and even Publisher when needed. Brad also have years of experience designing, and troubleshooting jobs for press production, so you can be assured that your jobs will be press ready when they leave from here. Here are some examples of various publications, mailings, and other design jobs that he has created.

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Illustration & Fine Art

As an artist, Brad Everett loves to just sit down and draw with his media of choice, charcoal. Brad specializes in portraiture and figure drawing. This is more of a hobby of his, but he does offer it as a service. Below you will find some samples of Brad's work.

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3D Animation

3D animation is a relatively new field when compared to graphic design and the print industry. That is why it is imperative that you stay on top of things and head of the curve. 3D animation is very helpful in creating life-like models to see how something is going to work or look, creating storyboards to see how a shot might look before you go to the camera. Below are some samples of Brad Everett's work, utilizing LightWave to create 3D rendered still frames and movies.

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